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Our Entrepreneurship Stories: Socially-minded Entrepreneurs

  What motivates entrepreneurship and innovation? One of the values that are inextricably entwined into the core of the businesses is positive social change and impact. On November 4, 2021, three socially-minded entrepreneurs — Peter Wang Hjemdahl, Rui Jing Jiang, and Tiffany Yao, who are dedicated to making impactful change — shared their entrepreneurial insights. The discussion ...Read More

PWCC Book Talk Series: Bringing Up the Boss

  On October 22, 2021, PWCC invited Wharton Management Lecturer Rachel Pacheco to discuss her book, Bringing Up the Boss: Practical Lessons for New Managers. A new start-up comes on the scene filled with a team of talented people. The start-up grows, the team expands, and those early joiners all of a sudden are responsible for leading ...Read More

PWCC Book Talk Series: The Leader’s Checklist

  On October 20, 2021, PWCC and Wharton School Press invited Wharton Management Prof. Michael Useem to discuss his book, The Leader’s Checklist. Based on the lessons from astonishing stories, solid research, and years of leadership development work with a wide array of companies and organizations in the United States and abroad, Useem’s book presents today’s ...Read More

The Future of Great Power Relations

  On August 19, PWCC partnered with Yale Beijing Center and Penn’s Perry World House to hold a virtual discussion on “The Future of Great Power Relations.” Yuping He (General Manager of PWCC) and Carol Li (Managing Director of Yale Beijing Center) gave the opening remarks. The event was moderated by John Gans, the director of ...Read More