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Penn Medicine’s Dr. Weissman Weighs In on COVID Vaccine Therapy

  On February 1, 2021, the Penn Wharton Research Frontier Virtual Series invited Penn Medicine’s Dr. Drew Weissman to discuss his research on COVID-19 vaccines and their use of nucleoside-modified mRNA therapeutics. The virtual event was attended by 120 viewers around the globe with an enthusiastic Q&A discussion. (Watch the full recording above.) About the Event The two ...Read More

Penn at Work: Defining the Future in 2021 & Beyond

At Penn, we work hard to ensure that our students are career- and future-ready. This year, PWCC is launching a brand-new series entitled, “Penn at Work — Making Your Future: 2021 and Beyond.” The series will cover carefully curated topics that will define the future and reshape humanity through the lens of our students, faculty, alumni, ...Read More