(English) China’s Blockchain Dominance: Can the U.S. Catch Up?

(English) Article reprinted from Knowledge@Wharton | April 23, 2019
By all counts, China is leading the world in the use and development of blockchain technology. It has far and away filed the most patents related to blockchain in the world and some of the biggest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community are Chinese firms. What’s more, blockchain is also a national priority: The Chinese State Council included its development in the nation’s 13th Five-Year Plan. And last year, President Xi Jinping said China seeks to lead in innovation worldwide, citing blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things and other technologies as the driving forces.Read More


今年年初,中国发布了未来三年内应对空气污染和改善空气质量的2020 行动计划。  这对 中国乃至全世界来说都是一个令人瞩目的重大举措。10月15日,来自中美两国企业界和非营利性机构的领导人汇聚北京宾大沃顿中国中心(PWCC),共同探讨中国在应对空气污染和环保方面所取得的进展。Read More