About the Center

The March 2015 opening of the Penn Wharton China Center (PWCC) represented the substantial commitment to advance the long history of engagement with China by the Wharton School and its parent university, the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), in an increasingly interconnected global environment.

Our Programs

The intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of Greater China has long compelled faculty and students at Wharton and Penn to engage in research and scholarship here, and to proudly count thousands of Chinese people among their distinguished graduates for more than a century.

PWCC provides on-the-ground support for the growing numbers of programs and collaborations between Penn’s 12 schools and many academic, government,  and business partners throughout China. As an outpost for a premier educational institution, PWCC will enable Penn and Wharton to:

  • facilitate Penn faculty and student research in China
  • facilitate two-way exchanges critical to the training of future global leaders at Penn’s Philadelphia campus and in China
  • broaden and deepen Penn students’ learning experiences in an increasingly interconnected global environment
  • enhance Penn connections to alumni and friends in China by providing professional, networking and knowledge resources on-site at the PWCC
  • leverage resources in China essential to understanding the global economic issues and markets
  • share Wharton’s relevance to and impact upon business practices in China and around the world
  • share Penn’s broad, deep scholarship and innovative ideas