Machine Learning: How To Do It Well

As machine learning moves into real world application, solving data problems across science and industry, we must ask what it means to use machine learning well. Most problems do not occur as part of the algorithms, but as part of the systems that we build around the machine learning algorithms.Read More

Silicon Dragon to Silicon Heartland

On May 10, PWCC invited Rebecca A. Fannin (CNBC contributor) to discuss her book Silicon Heartland, which takes readers on a tour of the new frontiers of high-tech innovation. The book serves as a contrast to China’s technology drive, increasing US-China frictions, and the decoupling of tech ecosystems.

Quantum Computer Engineering Challenges and Opportunities

  On April 4, 2023 Dr. Gushi Lin gave a talk about the challenges and research opportunities in the state-of-the-art quantum computing engineering technology stacks, including quantum computing devices, peripheral control hardware architecture, compiler design/optimization, programming language design, etc. He also introduced his recent works in tackling some of theseRead More

The Metaverse Economy

Will the immersive and persistent virtual experiences of the Metaverse transform the way we live, work, and interact in the coming years? On August 18, 2022 (ET), Wharton faculty and industry experts led the new Wharton Executive Education program, “Business in the Metaverse Economy.” Moderated by Prof. Kevin Werbach, theRead More

Are Retailers Losing Money on Loyalty Programs?

Subscription programs are increasingly popular among a wide variety of retailers including Amazon (Prime), Barnes & Noble (B&N Membership), and Sephora (Flash). These types of programs give members access to a set of exclusive benefits for a fixed fee upfront, but what are the implications for subscription businesses and customerRead More

Are We Facing the End of Globalization?

Many experts are predicting the end of globalization. This seems to make sense given the 2008 financial crisis, the increase in economic nationalism, the COVID pandemic, the disruption of supply chains, and the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war. But should we really expect globalization to decline? On June 15, 2022Read More

Compliant, Dynamical Robots

Recent years have seen a large interest in soft robotic systems, which provide new opportunities for machines that are flexible, adaptable, safe, and robust. These systems have been highly successful in a broad range of applications, including manipulation, locomotion, human-robot interaction, and more, but they present challenging design and controlRead More

The Future of Global Food Security

On March 22, 2022 (ET), Penn Vet School Faculty members discussed challenges and opportunities surrounding global food security now and in the future. How do we balance agricultural productivity, efficiency, and sustainability? How does this look different in different geographic contexts? Southeast Asia, and in particular, China’s efforts to ensureRead More