A Tribute to Women on International Women’s Day

Join the Penn/Wharton community on International Women’s Day as we celebrate women’s achievements and work towards a more inclusive world.

“In my life and career at Penn, I have experienced the transformative effects of championing equal rights for women in education, health care, and employment. These are the three great equalizers, the opportunity providers, the doors that open on a better future. Make no mistake: our championing this challenge ushers in a better future for everyone. On International Women’s Day — and every day — I proudly stand up for the pivotal role women play and the fundamental right of every woman everywhere to develop and leverage their talents for the benefit of all humankind.”

Amy Gutmann, President, University of Pennsylvania

“International Women’s Day is a time to both celebrate women’s achievements and chart a path forward toward addressing the inequalities that still exist today. To women leaders in the Wharton community and beyond, I offer this advice: Make your voice heard. Having a seat at the table starts with you — finding your inner confidence will inspire confidence in you from the people around you.”

Erika James, Dean, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“On this International Women’s Day, we honor the brilliant women around the world who advance social policy and practice through social work, community organizing, teaching and administration, social policy analysis, and more. I am grateful to work alongside women who persistently strive to advance social progress, locally, and globally; they are showing us the way forward to a more equitable world.”

Sara Bachman, Dean, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania

“On this International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, we also highlight the importance of  investing in education for girls and women. Education empowers girls and women to take their rightful place as global leaders in our interconnected world.”

Pam Grossman, Dean,  School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

“When my daughters were growing up, I always encouraged them to speak confidently and boldly in their classes and with their peers. Girls who are encouraged to use their voice grow up to be women who use their voice to encourage others.”

Amy Gadsden, Associate Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, Executive Director of Penn China Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania

“This year of pandemic has been a difficult one for the world, and especially for many women. A report from UN Women notes, ‘Globally, women make up 70 percent of the health and social care workforce, and they are more likely to be front-line health workers, especially nurses, midwives and community health workers.’ The contributions and sacrifices of women in the global fight against the pandemic deserve special recognition on this day.”

Emily Hannum, Professor of Sociology and Education, Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

“There has been no greater time to celebrate as women are playing the most critical roles on the world stage today. Yes we have come a long way, and yes we are way to go. Happy International Women’s Day to all women in the Wharton community and around the globe!”

Michelle Liu, WG’97, President, Wharton Beijing Alumni Club; CFO, Hexun InfoTech

“As women leaders, we do not need to follow another’s path; we should make our own path and wide enough to bring others with us.”

Renee Yidan Shi, MSED’11, President, Penn Alumni Club of Shanghai; Principal, TCG Capital Partners

“Not just to fight, but more to connect and inspire, because we are born to lead.”

Judy Ye, WG’01, President of Wharton Shanghai Alumni Club; Managing Partner, Yimei Capital

“We are living in the world that we are in love with. Career, self-cultivation, and love nurture the beauty of women.”

Gladdy He, WG’05, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Life Sciences Practice, Korn Ferry

“Leadership — half of it is to have a view, take a stand, show up and take action. The other half is to inspire others to do more and become more by my actions.”

Jing Zhang, WG’09, Treasurer, Penn & Wharton Club of Singapore; Executive Director, Trade Finance FIG, JPMorgan

“The world needs to hear from women. Women are an integral part of the development of our society. Innovation that empowers women and benefits both genders is crucial to the peace, prosperity and sustainability of the world.”

Emily Sang, C’22, Co-President, Penn Wharton China Summit; Founder, Sino America Youth Foundation

“Aside from being president for the Penn Blockchain Club, I wear multiple hats throughout the day; I am a student but I am also a mother of three. As president, I learned how to motivate myself and others to do our best, and there’s no limits to what we can achieve.”

Lina Cassie, LPS’22 (MSOD)

“As a young woman looking to be a leader in my own field, I can truly say that having strong female leaders around me — like President Amy Gutmann and Dean Erika James — creates a culture of confidence and impassions me to break glass ceilings of my own.”

Claire Sliney, C’21, Executive Producer of the Oscar-Winning Documentary Period. End of Sentence.