How This Fintech Investor Found a Way to Combine Her Finance Background and Love for Storytelling

Winter Peng speaking to her audience
After hosting her first book launch at Penn Wharton China Center, Winter Peng, WG’18, talks about how she found new opportunities and connections in the creative world through business school.
I had a lot of discussions with my family and friends about the decision to go to business school. I knew pure finance wasn’t for me, but I wasn’t sure how to build a career based on my writing hobby either. I was even thinking about getting an MFA degree to focus on writing novels.
“You don’t need a literature degree to be an author,” my mom said.
That was a wake-up call for me, as I realized some of the greatest writers never got a degree in writing. Despite the insecurity about my future and the concern about fitting in, I took the offer from Wharton because I really wanted to find a way to combine my finance background and my passion for storytelling.
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