Next Gen Learning with Wharton Interactive’s Games-based Courses

Wharton Interactive is on a mission to radically transform and democratize education with the most innovative educational games on the planet.

On March 10, 2022 (ET), cofounder and executive director Sarah Toms talked about Alternate Reality Courses (ARCs), entire courses delivered in a highly engaging game. Tens of thousands globally have already completed a Wharton ARC, including students in higher-ed and those already in the business world.

Traditional education doesn’t tackle the complexity of real life or provide ample opportunity to practice in-class lessons in the real world. But in the right kind of game — an ARC game — learners get to play the starring role in their educational journey. Immersed in a realistic narrative where non-player characters pose challenges, players are guided through making complex decisions. ARCs provide individualized analytical feedback to the learner every step of the way on how well they are performing. Toms, along with cofounder Prof. Ethan Mollick, have also built an ecosystem where learners and educators can easily gain access to Wharton Interactive’s advanced experiential learning catalog.

​​Watch the full event recording above.