Penn at Work: Defining the Future in 2021 & Beyond

At Penn, we work hard to ensure that our students are career- and future-ready.

This year, PWCC is launching a brand-new series entitled, “Penn at Work — Making Your Future: 2021 and Beyond.” The series will cover carefully curated topics that will define the future and reshape humanity through the lens of our students, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

The series is kicking off with two events: “Future of Blockchain & Crypto” in February and “Emerging Research at Penn Engineering” in March.

We welcome the Penn and Wharton community, industry professionals, the general public to participate. For more information and to register for any upcoming events, please visit

Future of Blockchain and Crypto


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon in recent years. In February, PWCC and Penn Blockchain Club invited Charlie Lee (Founder of Litecoin and Engineering Director at Coinbase) to discuss the future of the sector. Watch the full event recording above.

Emerging Research at Penn Engineering


In March, three of our faculty members described their emerging cutting-edge research in the areas of computer vision, materials science, and emerging hardware for machine learning, and the importance of collaborative approaches to education and research in a panel. Watch the full event recording above.

The Evolution, Trends, and Future of Impact Investing


In August, Katherine Klein (Wharton’s Vice Dean of Social Impact) and Rajith Sebastian (Director of the Wharton Social Impact Initiative) discussed the evolution of impact investing — investing with a goal of achieving financial returns and a positive impact on society and the environment. Why is this form of investing growing so rapidly? What kinds of companies, founders, industries, and countries are attracting impact investments? How can retail and institutional investors get involved? Watch the full event recording above.

The Future of Biometric Tech and Permission: Is It Possible?


In September, Prof. Joseph Turow from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication joined Northeastern University School of Law’s Woodrow Hartzog and Penn State Law’s Brenda Leong to discuss the future of biometric tech. Watch the full event recording above.